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restricted view MHL
by S_BUCKS_CHELSEA @, 06/03, 13:42

I'm sure I'm not having a brain fart hear... but for as long as ive been member ive always tried to get my tickets between rows W and BB in the north lower...

I just picked up a row AA ticket for west ham at home as restricted view so was only £23.50... I really thought that the restricted view rows started at FF????? have Chelsea changed the limit on what constitutes a restricted view, because I would happily pay full whack for AA normally

restricted view MHL
by 1WB, 06/03, 14:18 @ S_BUCKS_CHELSEA

Agreed. That seems odd

restricted view MHL
by Gaz @, 06/03, 16:48 @ S_BUCKS_CHELSEA

is it gate 16?

restricted view MHL
by S_BUCKS_CHELSEA @, 07/03, 09:29 @ Gaz

ahh yes it is... just realised its where the TV box thing is, next to the east stand so may loose the east corner at over at the shed end.. oh well havnt been that far over before so a new view to try out

restricted view MHL
by Gaz @, 07/03, 10:54 @ S_BUCKS_CHELSEA


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