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by stanic_worship, 11/03, 11:32

Overall good enough, especially after the last few performances and results.

Thought Cahill was very good, Zappacosta got forward well (but defensively suspect), Giroud really unlucky, but some of his link up play was great.

People booing when Bakayoko came on, mongs.[rant]

by upthechels @, 11/03, 13:14 @ stanic_worship

I thought Kante was massive yesterday...an absolute beast and everything we missed at City. Willian was also very good picking up the ball from defensive wins and going direct at Palace. The game changed when Zaha came on at HT and it became more even. Another game where I was delighted with the first half but disappointed with the second 45. Could have 5 or 6-1 or 2-2 in the end. Giroud did very well, unlucky but great defending foiled him.

I'm happy Baka is back and available for the call up. He will never settle if he doesn't play.

by stanic_worship, 11/03, 14:24 @ upthechels

Good call on Kante and Willian.

Didn’t think much of Zaha tbh, for all his huffing and puffing, I can’t remember him stretching us at any point and think second half we had one eye on Barca.

by upthechels @, 11/03, 15:59 @ stanic_worship

Cant remember him doing anything of note but just having him out there was more of a threat than Benteke.

by CLL_JT26, 11/03, 15:43 @ upthechels

[^] Willian has been superb lately, probably our best player in 2018. Has to start against Barca.

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