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by riazorblue, 14/03, 21:38

What an absolute fuckwit that man is, vomit inducing with every comment. We get, you rate Messi. Jesus wept.

by Walter @, 14/03, 21:47 @ riazorblue

I only got through Hoddle's waffle thanking God it wasn't Steve McManaman co-commentating

by ejm @, 14/03, 21:49 @ riazorblue

Cheap, lazy commentary from both of them.

by stanic_worship, 15/03, 07:57 @ riazorblue

My favourite was “Chelsea have done everything tonight except score”.

Yeah, that and defending Glenn...

by riazorblue, 15/03, 08:22 @ stanic_worship

When Messi miscontrolled a ball and they said "Even when he gets it wrong there is an elegance about it" Jesus wept, give it a rest, oh and learn how to say Willian, we don't have a Willan in the team.

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