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by nstand, 14/03, 23:26


A) did he play well? Always involved going forward, good positioning in final third, could have had a penalty, hit the post, kept going


B) did he play poorly? Out of position for first goal, left defense exposed, went down looking for a penalty when it was perfectly on his left foot, constantly wasted good forward positions by hitting first man and not getting shots off quick enough

I tend to think if the answer is A we’ve been conditioned to accept mediocrity and that only leads one way (see Arsenal)

by riazorblue, 15/03, 06:44 @ nstand

I think this is how people now talk about everything, polarising every argument, you either have to be for or against everything, yet the truth is somewhere in between. Overall I think he summarised the whole team over both matches, played well but paid for basic mistakes. Also I thought it was a stonewall penalty so I don’t buy this he didn’t even try to shoot narrative, as he pulls his leg back Pique fouls him.

by NORTHLONDONCHELSEA, 15/03, 08:53 @ riazorblue

Word class dead ball free kick taker can't think of many better.

by nstand, 15/03, 09:32 @ riazorblue

That logic can be applied to this season and Arsenal’s last decade. It’s not on basis of 90 minutes last night.

by riazorblue, 15/03, 09:45 @ nstand

But yesterday encapsulated it, like others have said. He did good things and a few bad ones, he is a decent footballer without being world class, except at free kicks where he excels, and I still say it was a stonewall pen.

by upthechels @, 15/03, 10:19 @ riazorblue

Was he handled?...yes.
Was it enough for him to go down? Not for me mate.

I think he wasted our last chance to get back into the game tbh. I've been spoilt rotten watching Drogba smash moments like that.

by upthechels @, 15/03, 07:35 @ nstand


by stanic_worship, 15/03, 07:58 @ nstand

Somewhere in between I think - all of the above is true.

He’s a good footballer, but not a world class player.

by CLL_JT26, 15/03, 10:28 @ nstand

Thought he played well but he's just not a top class player. I really like him though. I think there's other areas we need to prioritise strengthening in the summer, like CB, RWB, CM and striker.

by upthechels @, 15/03, 10:46 @ CLL_JT26

I like him and his attitude. He's also superb at ball control.

As you say, not top class - just a decent footballer who gets by on limited talent and desire.

Squad player, at best.

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