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by riazorblue, 08/04, 18:00

Something which often goes unmentioned, but his text to Diego Costa must rank as one of the stupidest things a manager has done. I know Costa is a tw*t of a person, but to burn your bridges so unnecessarily was a bad move.

by ejm @, 08/04, 18:25 @ riazorblue

Add his treatment of Luiz to that.

by NORTHLONDONCHELSEA, 08/04, 18:27 @ ejm

He can go David Luiz should walk into that team he questioned contes tactics hasn't played since injured now I know.

by ejm @, 08/04, 18:32 @ NORTHLONDONCHELSEA

You would expect mature dialogue between senior players and Conte. Obviously not.

by Famous, 08/04, 18:41 @ ejm

I don’t think Costa and Luiz know the meaning of the word mature...


Conte only knows one tactic, and that hasn’t worked all season.
We had four of the slowest players, in the league, on the pitch at the end, Cahill, Fabregas, Alonso & Giroud, how the fuck is it possible to create space?

by Walter @, 08/04, 18:51 @ riazorblue

Doesn't go unmentioned on my twitter timeline. Thing is, Costa wanted out for what - 2 years? Before we'd even got to the pub after losing the Cup Final, Costa had done an interview saying he wanted to leave asap.

by Famous, 08/04, 19:51 @ Walter


by riazorblue, 08/04, 19:54 @ Walter

Still a bad move to text him like that. Why burn those bridges, if Costa plays up then there is nothing Conte can do, but that text was ridiculous.

by Walter @, 08/04, 20:31 @ riazorblue

I found it so exasperating that Costa didn't play for Chelsea until Christmas and then go to AM.

There was all that trouble in Jan 2017 as well before Leicester game. Costa was dropped, played a false 9 and won - could argue that Conte played a blinder there.

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