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Joe Hart
by Famous, 08/04, 18:16

Has his best game for about three years the cnut, so typical of keepers having blinders against Chelsea

Joe Hart
by NORTHLONDONCHELSEA, 08/04, 18:21 @ Famous

That and us being absolute shite.

Joe Hart
by riazorblue, 08/04, 18:22 @ Famous

Our strikers are perfect for opposing goalies to look good.

Joe Hart
by Famous, 08/04, 18:24 @ riazorblue

Thought Giroud was unlucky with that one and Morata only a fraction away from having two goals with the two offsides. I just can’t stand the casual demeanour of the team as though they’re five goals up when we’re always a defensive mistake away from conceding

Joe Hart
by OSGOODWASGOOD, 08/04, 18:33 @ Famous

He would have been disappointed if he didn’t make those saves, none were difficult.

Joe Hart
by 1WB, 08/04, 19:57 @ OSGOODWASGOOD

The one from Alonso is a class save.

The others routine

Joe Hart
by Famous, 08/04, 20:31 @ OSGOODWASGOOD

My point is, I’ve seen him botch so many easier saves over the past two or three seasons

Joe Hart
by MHLPisshead, 08/04, 19:02 @ Famous

See also.David James.

Joe Hart
by Famous, 08/04, 20:30 @ MHLPisshead

[^] Every time

Joe Hart
by nstand, 08/04, 23:12 @ Famous

Routine saves mate, Alonso and Girould saves were good but you’d be irritated as a West Ham fan had they gone in.

Pure apathy from us cunts today

Joe Hart
by Famous, 09/04, 07:11 @ nstand

Routine for a top keeper on form maybe, but bearing in mind he couldn’t even get a game for West Ham up until very recently, and he was so poor for Torino for most of last season to boot, and yet he goes and puts in a MotM performance against us.

We were poor again for sure and the game followed the same old pattern we’re becoming accustomed to but we’ve played worse than that and won when the luck’s been on our side. It could be argued we just don’t deserve any luck at the moment.

Joe Hart
by stanic_worship, 09/04, 10:13 @ Famous

I've always liked the fact that he reacts to whatever is said to him behind the goal. Did it again yesterday, the soppy cnut.

Joe Hart
by Famous, 09/04, 10:34 @ stanic_worship

:-D I always liked big Dave Seaman cos we’d rip him to shreds and he’d always have a laugh about it

Joe Hart
by stanic_worship, 09/04, 11:34 @ Famous

Was talking about this with a goon ST holder at work funnily enough, days of old you'd give players sht, they'd return it and everyone would smile and get on with it.

Guess it reflects modern football and how detached the average footballer is from the fans.

One of my favourites was Gary McAllister in around 91 or 92 (they may well have been champions at the time) - Saw their coach driving past and started giving him grief - He responded in kind and after a few mins he was just laughing, gave each other a thumbs up and that was that. Also Steve McMahon giving the Shed a clap after singing "Steve McMahon is a homosexual" - These days everyone would end up in court!

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