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FA Cup
by Famous, 09/04, 15:12

Anyone else think it’s sad that a competition that basically defined our club for over three decades, is now basically an after-thought?

FA Cup
by Walter @, 09/04, 17:09 @ Famous

Plus we are playing so badly the thought of losing the final to Sp*rs or José is too much to bear.
It's a very strange state of affairs atm.

FA Cup
by Famous, 09/04, 17:34 @ Walter

There is that and I must admit I really feared for us when I saw that quarter final draw, knowing the chances of who would win the other games (especially as City were still in it then).
However, and this is probably Gamblers Fallacy, now part of me thinks losing to them in the League recently gives us a better chance of beating them in a potential Final, if we buck our ideas up a bit. But every passing match is making that look less and less likely, I know!

FA Cup
by MHLPisshead, 09/04, 22:05 @ Famous

Have a semi final to negotiate yet.

FA Cup
by Famous, 09/04, 22:06 @ MHLPisshead

Indeed. Losing that would probably be the lowest point of the season [sad]

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