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Michael Oliver
by Walter @, 12/04, 00:39

1) Was it a pen?
2) Should Buffon see red?

Michael Oliver
by Droy263, 12/04, 01:50 @ Walter

UEFFADRID.. Not a pen, yes a red if he understood the swearing. Although I see joe hart got away with a face to face with the same Rege Hollis.

Michael Oliver
by upthechels @, 12/04, 04:38 @ Walter

Yes and yes for me.

Michael Oliver
by WOGFTB, 12/04, 07:22 @ Walter

Buffon’s forehead went into the back of Oliver’s head as he approached him. I think it was defo a sending off but a bit of a soft pen. The RM player was already going down.

Michael Oliver
by stanic_worship, 12/04, 07:24 @ Walter

1) Definitely
2) Hard to tell, but if he did what Campo says, then yes

Michael Oliver
by Famous, 12/04, 07:27 @ Walter

Yes and probably yes. As much as I wanted Juve to win, they’ve got a bit of cheek moaning about officials and iffy late penalties! :-D
Buffon seems to be saying the ref should have made the decision based on emotions, which is just odd.

Michael Oliver
by stanic_worship, 12/04, 07:32 @ Famous

I did like his "he should watch it in the stands with a Sprite and a packet of crisps" comment though. :-D

Michael Oliver
by Famous, 12/04, 07:58 @ stanic_worship

:-D [^]

Michael Oliver
by riazorblue, 12/04, 13:02 @ Walter

Very soft pen that he would not have given the other way.
Yes, he did give the penalty and Buffon overstepped the mark so he had to go.

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