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by upthechels @, 13/04, 11:23

When I was never a huge Diego Costa fan, do I miss him lining up for Chelsea these days.

by riazorblue, 13/04, 11:27 @ upthechels

Because he scored lots of important goals that got us lots of points:-D

by CLL_JT26, 13/04, 11:40 @ upthechels

I loved him on the pitch for us.

Hope he puts arsenal out the Europa league. :-D

by Walter @, 13/04, 12:00 @ upthechels

Easy to forget the tantrums, picking fights, flirting with China (nearly derailing our title bid) intermittently whining about Atlético and sodding off to a beach in Brazil because he got upset about a little texty-wexty the week after he strolled about in the Cup Final.

But I do know what you're saying :-)

by Famous, 13/04, 12:04 @ Walter

:-D [^]

by upthechels @, 13/04, 12:12 @ Walter

Thank you, Walter...now I remember :-D

Fooking loose cannon and we're well rid.

by shed69, 13/04, 12:44 @ upthechels

ha ha :-D

by Walter @, 13/04, 13:17 @ upthechels

In some ways though, you don't know what you got til you lose it.

This has made me think: If he was with us now, would we be in top 4 position? Would we have given Barca a run for their money? Would he be leading the line and barking at his team mates to give another 10%?

I'm not sure

by CLL_JT26, 13/04, 13:19 @ Walter

I'm pretty sure if we had costa this season we'd be at least fighting it out for 2nd with United.

by Walter @, 13/04, 13:28 @ CLL_JT26

Don't worry, next season the French Lampost #Giroud will strike fear into the heart of Europa League central defenders with his daft beard and ridiculous quiff.

by Famous, 13/04, 13:39 @ Walter

You’d imagine so, but then again he wasn’t much use in 15/16 when we needed him, for the most part.

by Famous, 13/04, 13:39 @ upthechels


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