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Same old....
by riazorblue, 28/04, 19:07

......early goal and then dominating without really threatening. So pedestrian, not a single decent cross, and whilst it’s only one you fear the dreaded equaliser.

Same old....
by riazorblue, 28/04, 19:08 @ riazorblue

80 minutes for a sub. Why not give them a bit longer? I can’t help the feeling of frustration.

Same old....
by NORTHLONDONCHELSEA, 28/04, 22:04 @ riazorblue

Like Emerson.

Same old....
by shed69, 28/04, 22:45 @ riazorblue

Although we are now just 2 points behind sp*rs, who are the best team in the world [tea]

Same old....
by 1WB, 29/04, 01:58 @ riazorblue

Chelsea, always winning

Same old....
by Droy263, 29/04, 10:33 @ 1WB

Could get very spursy.. You never know.

Same old....
by upthechels @, 29/04, 12:39 @ riazorblue

Yesterday was the kind of performance I expect from Conte and his squad.

We will get the odd top show and the odd dismal show but yesterday was a par performance imo.

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