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by gatfb, 29/04, 14:55

48 years ago today was the first time i ever watched a colour TV when my dad and i were invited next door to watch the 197 FA Cup final replay. What a night. Never tell me the FA Cup means nothing.


by ejm @, 29/04, 15:11 @ gatfb

[^] I was 12 years old, and had bet about 3 weeks dinner money with kids at school on us winning, The Osgood header to make it 1-1 still remains my favourite Chelsea goal. Apparently most of the pubs near the Bridge stayed open till the fans got back from Old Trafford and the party continued.

by gatfb, 29/04, 15:58 @ ejm

I was eight but so much of both games are still clear in my mind that I wish I could remember recent things with half the clarity I remember those days. In fact I can remember the scores from every game of that run and the 70/71 ECWC run but would not be able to remember much of our more recent runs.

by WOGFTB, 29/04, 17:32 @ gatfb

Yeah I can’t even remember which games I’ve attended this season

by WOGFTB, 29/04, 17:32 @ ejm

[^] :-D

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