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by shed69, 30/04, 13:12

Anyone got that link to the sp*rs forum please, where they descend into pure bitterness as we win it [drogs]

by MartyF @, 30/04, 13:31 @ shed69

Been thinking about that scenario. If we pip Liverpool to 4th but they win the CL would we loose out ala Spurs?

by stanic_worship, 30/04, 13:50 @ MartyF

We would yeah.

Although I wouldn't have thought we have anything to worry about.

by Gaz @, 30/04, 14:16 @ stanic_worship

No we wouldn’t. They changed the rules after 2012

by stanic_worship, 30/04, 15:31 @ Gaz

You're right that it changed, although it could still happen if Arsenal won the Europa, Liverpool won the CL and we finished 4th, as you can only have 5 teams in the CL.

by Gaz @, 30/04, 14:16 @ MartyF

If they won it and we finish 4th. We will both be in. If arsenal won Europa league as well then no idea if they’ll have 6 English teams in it

by Famous, 30/04, 14:41 @ Gaz

4th would miss out if English teams won both the CL and the Europa, they said they wouldn’t have more than 5 teams from one country in there (unless they’ve changed it again since)

by CCCC, 30/04, 14:56 @ Famous

Yeah, that’s correct, 5 is the absolute max.

by stanic_worship, 30/04, 15:31 @ CCCC

Ah, just saw you'd already covered this - Yeah 5 max.

by Walter @, 30/04, 16:47 @ shed69

The #BayernHotspurs hashtag is gold. Every year 19/05 I search it and RT them. Unfortunately each year that goes by they get less and less, coz the sp*rs fans responsible for the original tweet delete them.

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