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by riazorblue, 30/04, 21:26

Tearing arsenal a new one. They are a brilliant team to watch.

by ejm @, 30/04, 21:46 @ riazorblue

[^] Jody derserves some credit too.

by NORTHLONDONCHELSEA, 30/04, 21:53 @ ejm

Biily Gilmour looked good as well only 16 Hudson could be premier league star.

by CLL_JT26, 30/04, 21:50 @ riazorblue

Superb fairplay.

5th youth fa cup win in a row, first team to do that since the Busby babes.

Got to find a way of integrating some of our top youngsters in to the first team squad, rather than spending 25m-35m on back up players like zappacosta and Drinkwater.

Hudson odoi looks very talented.

Jody Morris doing great things - wonder where he will be in a few years time.

by fleckit @, 01/05, 20:33 @ CLL_JT26


by shed69, 02/05, 07:08 @ CLL_JT26


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