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by Walter @, 03/05, 09:03

Should he stay or go?
Stick or twist?

Obviously so much more goes on behind the scenes than we know, but it's stick for me.

by upthechels @, 03/05, 09:06 @ Walter

Twist. He's had a mare this season.

Employ JT and Frank on 2 yr deals. Unite the club.

by Whitesocks @, 03/05, 09:45 @ Walter

Twist - we can't have another season of him giving out about who was bought or not.

I think the last few games have shown a united front because the battle is over with the board as the end of season deal is done and he's gone.

Love the happy Conte - jumping into the crowd, kicking every ball

The you didn't get me what I want Conte was grating -

Someone somewhere bought/sanctioned £200m worth of transfers and made the Champions a whole lot worse.

It could have been so different Conte made Moses & Alonso PL Champions, looks like he wanted the finished article for the next level and hadn't the interest to develop the next group of players in.

by stanic_worship, 03/05, 09:55 @ Whitesocks

Superbly put - Agree with every word.[^]

by Famous, 03/05, 11:13 @ Whitesocks

Victim blaming [wink]

by stanic_worship, 03/05, 09:55 @ Walter


by Droy263, 03/05, 09:58 @ stanic_worship

Am twist now.. I was stick, anyone who plays Bakaclubfoot.. Thats just stubborn, cleary was his purchase.

by Famous, 03/05, 11:18 @ Droy263

People will criticise Conte for playing Bakayoko in one breath, then criticise Jose for not giving Salah, De Bruyne etc. a chance with the next [tea]

by stanic_worship, 03/05, 13:38 @ Famous

I think you can criticise his decision to keep playing him (thinking back to that Watford game) when it was clear he was dreadfully short of confidence and form.

I still think there's a player there and he may eventually come good - I'm certainly hoping he does.

by Famous, 03/05, 13:51 @ stanic_worship

Devil’s advocate, but I suspect Conte would’ve preferred better options instead of him at the time but didn’t really have any, which goes back to recruitment. Plus match fitness/form for Bakayoko will only come with playing games. I don’t think coming here already injured helped (which could be said of most of our signings...)

It could be argued Bakayoko not being a success has contributed more to the average season than anything else, even Morata’s form. I reckon Conte would have loved to set up like we did at Atletico more often.

by upthechels @, 03/05, 13:52 @ stanic_worship

Sell Baka. The PL will never suit him because he's slow in mind - it takes too long for his feet to get the message from his brain.

by Famous, 03/05, 11:16 @ Walter

Twist, but it is frustrating because had the club done things differently last summer, we could have had a completely different season. Yes he could have handled things better but he shouldn’t have been put into this situation in the first place, as all our title winning managers seem to find themselves in unfairly.

Obviously Cup Final result changes things either way, but after the shitshow he came in to in the summer of 2016, to have won a title and a Cup in two seasons here far exceeded anything I thought we would have achieved, particularly given some of our transfer dealings in that time (the crux of which seems to be, buy crocks with potential, as their price is low).

by cfcww, 03/05, 12:57 @ Walter


The more I think about last season, the ineptitude of the same old coaches in the PL aligned to the arrogance of Guardiola, Mourinho & Pochetino allowed us to get clear of them and it was done and dusted by the time they worked out they needed to react to the formation we were playing.

Deep down I think Conte has an inferiority complex against the best coaches (which he shouldn't really have given his overall record) and he clearly struggles with players who have a big personality such as Costa & Luiz.

by Famous, 03/05, 13:55 @ cfcww

Devils advocate again on the personality front - Pogba arguably played his best under Conte, and Pirlo/Buffon excelled with him, and they’re all big personalities.

On the point about other’s failings helping us succeed last season, I think Conte would agree, hence why he’s had the arse since last summer about the club’s recruitment policy failing to acknowedge that. I think this squad is probably 4th/5th best in the league, so we’re pretty much in the position we should be.

by CLL_JT26, 03/05, 16:51 @ Walter

For fcuking up the sp*rs record, twist. :-D [rant]

by CFCed @, 03/05, 19:22 @ CLL_JT26

That hurts more than anything else. [rant]

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