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by gatfb, 08/05, 15:18

I would rather take Jokanović.

by CLL_JT26, 08/05, 15:28 @ gatfb

If conte goes this summer then i think we will struggle to replace him with anyone better.

by gatfb, 08/05, 15:36 @ CLL_JT26

Both seem to have the same ethos but at least Jokanović knows the English game and did a great job at Watford and now Fulham.

If we are no longer going to be at the top table when it comes to spending on players we need someone who can coach players. From what I've seen and I also heard a pundit say the same thing, Fulham are the best coached team in their division. Don't get me wrong I think we should be looking at better than both of them, but if this is the level we will now operate in, out of the two I would rather Jokanović

by Walter @, 08/05, 17:54 @ CLL_JT26

Conte in for me.

by upthechels @, 08/05, 16:42 @ gatfb

I can't see past a JT/Frank combo.

I'm a little tired of watching all these 'top' managers come and go.

2 year contracts and let them get stuck in...two men who know Chelsea inside out.

Jokeonthepitch...Sarri...Conte etc...I'm done and bored of them.

by Walter @, 08/05, 17:55 @ upthechels

Jokeonthepitch :-D

Imagine him mentoring Bakayoko

by R1der, 08/05, 19:14 @ upthechels

They know the club but, have zero managerial experience. Will only end in disaster and potentially erode their goodwill/ legacy at the club.

And for that reason, I’m out.

by upthechels @, 08/05, 19:42 @ R1der

I understand that. This is purely sentimental on my part having watched the club pull further away from the fans leaving a huge divide. How some of you guys keep ploughing money into the club is beyond me tbh.

by R1der, 08/05, 21:14 @ upthechels

Tbh i think that is the riskiest option.

by NORTHLONDONCHELSEA, 08/05, 21:04 @ upthechels

Jody Morris[eh]

by Famous, 08/05, 16:56 @ gatfb

Can’t see him being the sort of manager our board would get on with, personality wise, but I like him. Much more preferable than Enrique, IMHO. Napoli have played some great attacking stuff this year, can imagine Roman liking that at least.

by 1WB, 08/05, 17:11 @ gatfb


by stanic_worship, 08/05, 17:18 @ gatfb

Seems to be the hardest word.

by shed69, 08/05, 21:20 @ stanic_worship


by NORTHLONDONCHELSEA, 08/05, 21:00 @ gatfb

Agree good manager wouldn't be massive wages either that barca bell end wants 12 million a year.

by R1der, 08/05, 21:11 @ NORTHLONDONCHELSEA

He is a bell end but, he’ll end up at the goons.

A match made in heaven.

by OSGOODWASGOOD, 08/05, 21:41 @ gatfb

No, to both.

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