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Cup final tickets
by Walter @, 09/05, 08:46

Few on my Twitter not paying the £115 which are the only ones left. What was your financial breaking point? And if you haven't got one; what would it be?

Mine was gradual. 2002 I moved out of London gave up ST but still went loads. 2007 had first kid; went less. Last year bought first gaff so hardly go now.

Cup final tickets
by upthechels @, 09/05, 08:55 @ Walter

I don't think the Wembley experience is worth over £50....which is about my limit on a football match. Having done many top games and finals I now find it is easy to back off and not feel desperate to be at a game.

Cup final tickets
by Droy263, 09/05, 08:58 @ upthechels

FA dont set a great example do they. Prices going up like that are unfair. They should not be allowed to sell wembley either.

Cup final tickets
by upthechels @, 09/05, 08:59 @ Droy263


Cup final tickets
by upthechels @, 09/05, 10:17 @ upthechels

And come to think of it...the Stamford Bridge experience is worth about a tenner these days. It's outside where you find the value and even that is being chipped away at.

Cup final tickets
by gatfb, 09/05, 18:19 @ Walter

For a league game I will not pay the prices now and just look for restricted seats or cup games. For the FA Cup final i would be more than happy to pay £115 each for a couple this season.

My home town are there this weekend for the first time ever and tickets are £41 and £36 before booking fee which I think is disgusting for a non league game, but I'm paying it.

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