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The bus

Is parked i [zz] can't keep awake

The bus
by CLL_JT26, 09/05, 20:38 @ NORTHLONDONCHELSEA

Conte needs to change this at ht.

They are understandably parking the bus, needing a point to stay up.

Why the fk are we playing 5 at the back and a holding CM.

Get Giroud on, go 2 up top, sacrifice a defender and get hazard on. Don't fcuk about.

Pedro anonymous first half.

The bus
by MartyF @, 09/05, 20:46 @ CLL_JT26

I don't understand why we aren't playing our best 11 tonight. The season is practically over and we need to win this game. Giroud hasn't even played that much this season so surely doesn't need a rest.

The bus
by NORTHLONDONCHELSEA, 09/05, 21:01 @ MartyF

The handbrakes off[cr]

The bus
by ejm @, 09/05, 21:46 @ NORTHLONDONCHELSEA

Conte has no concept of going for it. Defensive minded by nature.

The bus
by OSGOODWASGOOD, 09/05, 22:22 @ ejm

He should have been sacked after the City game.

The bus
by ejm @, 09/05, 22:31 @ OSGOODWASGOOD

Worst for me was the first leg of the League Cup against the Goons reserves. Should have buried them.

The bus
by Famous, 09/05, 23:19 @ NORTHLONDONCHELSEA

Maybe Conte underrated them, obviously didn’t see them on Sunday against City if he thought it was going to be easy tonight. I have no idea why he benched players like Cahill, Bakayoko & Moses who finally have actually shown some good form of late. And Giroud is a confident striker scoring goals, how/why did he not start?! Baffling. I know a win tonight still probably wouldn’t have been enough but it’d have been nice to have ended the campaign on a bit of a high, especially with the Cup Final ahead

The bus
by upthechels @, 10/05, 16:09 @ Famous


The only thing you can do as chasers is win and hope that tests the leader. We even failed to lead early and let news filter into Wembley Chelsea were winning. Brighton won't want to ruin the party at Anfield...the race and hope is done.

Baka hit good form, Giroud is banging them in and the shape looked excellent v Liverpool...Conte has pissed me right off.

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