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by riazorblue, 13/05, 16:24

Does not give a shit anymore, he can leave even before the cup final for all I care. Let Jody Morris and his team of kids play (I’m not being serious but I am pissed off)

by ejm @, 13/05, 16:41 @ riazorblue

[^] Has to go straight away, too divisive now..

by Walter @, 13/05, 16:58 @ ejm

Depends which way you reflect on it. Personally I feel he was still the best man for the job after the 4-1 loss to Watford. Many disagree.

Whoever comes in inherits a bit of a pickle; the core of players we had saw us through AVB / Grant / Scolari / Rafa in my honest opinion.

Core now is..... I couldn't tell you.

by ejm @, 13/05, 17:13 @ Walter

He is angry he never got his own way and this is now showing in his behaviour. The Huddersfield selections were just ridiculous given the importance of the game. I would give the job to Jody Morris with an experienced assistant and get some of these younger players in. Jay Dasilva, Player of the Year at Charlton, Mason Mount the same at Vitesse, RLC Hudson-Odoi. Reece James looks a great prospect, Ampadu. I cannot identify or connect with the team like this.

by Walter @, 13/05, 16:54 @ riazorblue

We're all pissed off mate; but hopefully he can inspire one more game and everyone plays their bollocks off and we get all the breaks and we win 4-0

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