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Fcuk Off
by gatfb, 13/05, 17:11

Most of these spineless gutless, wankers that now pull on our shirt just don't give a fcuk. Watched a lot of non league this season and one thing I can say is I have never seen a lack of commitment, but when I watch CFC now I find these horrid cnuts are sucking all the love out of our club.

Fcuk Off
by NORTHLONDONCHELSEA, 13/05, 17:40 @ gatfb

Not to bothered nothing on the game let's hope we turn up Saturday didn't last year.

Fcuk Off
by kneesup, 13/05, 21:33 @ NORTHLONDONCHELSEA

There was something on the game

Fcuk Off
by riazorblue, 14/05, 06:50 @ kneesup

There was. There have been many many stranger results than Brighton winning at Anfield. Unlikely? Yes, but not impossible, but we were apathetic and that is very difficult to forgive. I have seen some truly terrible Chelsea teams over the years, but seldom have I seen one that cared less and that really gets my goat.

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