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by stanic_worship, 15/05, 07:20

Guess who's involved in another High Court case? :-D

by cfcww, 15/05, 10:35 @ stanic_worship

I think it must be in the contract that if you own Chelsea you have to spend at least 50% of your time either suing someone or being sued by someone. Bates and I think the Mears family before him were in and out of court from memory.

by Droy263, 15/05, 10:59 @ cfcww

I remember Bates in court with Harry Harris of the Daily Mirror, Bates won and said it was a personal allegation against him and not the club so the money was his and I think he said he was gonna buy a new Bently motor.

by stanic_worship, 15/05, 14:44 @ cfcww


Chelsea, litigating since 1905.

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