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by Walter @, 16/05, 22:35

1) Interviewed Laurent Blanc apparently
2) Willian has had a pop at Conte apparently
3) RLC makes the WC squad while Drinkwater and Barkley wouldn't make the ladies team.
4) We're getting smashed on Saturday aren't we?

by Droy263, 17/05, 05:40 @ Walter

5. New kit is crap.

by Walter @, 17/05, 09:14 @ Droy263

Never been bothered by a kit tbh. Last time I was, was the tangerine and graphite monstrosity which is now a collectors item! And viewed with great affection.

by Famous, 17/05, 07:52 @ Walter

I’m not sure what’s worse, the prospect of Blanc managing Chelsea next season or how bad English football must be to have Loftus-Cheek in the World Cup squad at this stage of his career :O

I don’t think the build-up to an FA Cup Final has ever felt so negative/blasé DFS

by Walter @, 17/05, 09:17 @ Famous

Laurent Blanc = Larry White

Looking forward to RLC smashing it up in Russia feeding Vardy all day long.

by Famous, 17/05, 10:10 @ Walter

I admire your optimism. I’d love RLC to play and do well, then come back and be a mainstay for us, but it seems hard enough for him to complete a 90 minute game once a week, let alone endure a tournament or season [sad]

by Droy263, 17/05, 12:05 @ Famous

Ah, the graphite kit, pissed in carnaby street on a saturday, threw my t shirt in the bin and walked into that football shirt shop that used to be there and demanded an XL in orange which fortunately they has as hadnt thought of the consequence of going back through the bin for my t shirt. Funnily enough wore it straight away. And Coors beer that was fckin rubbish. [eh]

by stanic_worship, 17/05, 12:13 @ Droy263

I actually loved that shirt - Brings back fond memories of that little European adventure, the games against Bruges and Zaragoza (cnts).

To be fair, Ruudi made everything look decent.

by Famous, 17/05, 12:32 @ stanic_worship

Love a Coors too [tea]

by Walter @, 17/05, 13:39 @ Famous

Completely agree tbh

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