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Keep Sell Loan
by Walter @, 23/05, 22:35

Looking forward to this thread starting once again.

Keep Sell Loan
by PP_75, 23/05, 22:40 @ Walter


The rest

Keep Sell Loan
by CFC1905, 23/05, 23:01 @ PP_75

You'd sell Azpilicueta, Giroud, Alonso, Willian and Christensen? :O

Keep Sell Loan Give
by Droy263, 24/05, 07:26 @ CFC1905

Bakajoko [hide]

Keep Sell Loan Give
by Famous, 24/05, 08:07 @ Droy263

Called it from the start, he’s gonna come good [tea]

Keep Sell Loan
by 1WB, 24/05, 07:38 @ CFC1905


Keep Sell Loan
by shed69, 24/05, 11:47 @ CFC1905

Definitely wouldn't sell any of those.

Keep Sell Loan
by PP_75, 25/05, 10:13 @ CFC1905

Of course I wouldn’t sell those!!*

*I would loan them out until they were out of contract

Keep Sell Loan
by upthechels @, 24/05, 13:08 @ PP_75


Giroud would also stay.

Keep Sell Loan
by Famous, 24/05, 14:23 @ Walter

All depends on the manager for me. If Conte goes, Batshuayi could be decent under another manager, for example, but wouldn’t fit in to a Conte team so I would loan him out again.

Keep Sell Loan
by Droy263, 25/05, 04:33 @ Famous

Shame, I really like Batman, but yes not in a Conte team. Hes a tryer and funny on twitter. He showed some great form in Germany and thats not an easy league. Thats the sort of character I like to see on a pitch.

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