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by Walter @, 23/05, 22:36

Fulham or Villa?

Fulham all day for me. Love going to Craven Cottage.

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by Droy263, 24/05, 07:28 @ Walter

Am torn on this as its a great JT story but yes Foolham makes sense for a local trip..but they really hate us.. [eh]

Play offs
by Walter @, 24/05, 09:19 @ Droy263

Always find it funny how they hate us. Because in the main with older fans we're quite - dare I say - fond of them.

Chelsea SB one week, Fulham CC the next and all that.

Play offs
by Famous, 24/05, 08:08 @ Walter

Would rather neither, but it really pleases me that Villa aren’t in the PL so Fulham, by default. Plus, there are some decent Fulham fans around

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by stanic_worship, 24/05, 08:32 @ Walter

Fulham all day long.

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by NORTHLONDONCHELSEA, 24/05, 09:33 @ stanic_worship

Can't believe I'm reading this i work with a Fulham fan he despises chelsea John Terry still love the bloke ASTON VILLA all day long.

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by Famous, 24/05, 09:54 @ NORTHLONDONCHELSEA

I can’t stand Villa. We often struggle at Villa Park but tend to do well at Craven Cottage.

As said elsewhere, this thing of Fulham fans supposedly hating Chelsea is a new phenomenon, in my experience

Play offs
by stanic_worship, 24/05, 15:22 @ NORTHLONDONCHELSEA

I can't understand anyone hating Fulham.

Villa on the other hand (with six fingers in their case)...

Play offs
by NORTHLONDONCHELSEA, 24/05, 18:19 @ stanic_worship

I hate anyone who hates Chelsea biggest 2 of the biggest haters are qpr and Fulham

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by Famous, 24/05, 18:37 @ NORTHLONDONCHELSEA

What are you basing that on? I think that’s the sort of thing you can only base on anecdotal evidence really. I’m aware there are Fulham fans who do hate Chelsea, but I’m aware of ones who don’t.

It could be argued that pretty much everyone who isn’t a Chelsea fan, hates Chelsea. That post showing the Middlesbrough fans talking about how much they hate us, is one example.

I think it’s far funnier to not care about a team whose fans don’t like us. I think the Fulham fans who say they hate us, are mostly just jealous because we’re their nearest neighbours, they don’t have particularly strong rivalries with any other team and their team’s been in Chelsea’s shadow all their lives.

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by stanic_worship, 24/05, 19:48 @ NORTHLONDONCHELSEA

I hate everyone that isn’t Chelsea, just hate Fulham less than the high sixers.[wink]

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by NORTHLONDONCHELSEA, 24/05, 19:54 @ stanic_worship

But a Chelsea legend is there captain counts for a lot with me.

Play offs
by stanic_worship, 24/05, 20:00 @ NORTHLONDONCHELSEA

Fulham have Jokanovic! [hide]

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by shed69, 25/05, 10:16 @ stanic_worship

:-D [^]

Play offs
by upthechels @, 24/05, 13:10 @ Walter


Football has given JT more than enough happiness and wealth...I'm sure he can a minor down.

Play offs
by R1der, 24/05, 17:58 @ Walter


Villa the scousers of the midlands

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