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by CLL_JT26, 26/05, 22:41

Told Spanish press after the match that there will be an announcement on his future in the coming days and that it's been great playing for real Madrid! (Or similar)

With him saying that and bale flirting with a move aswell saying he wants to play regularly and will sit down with his agent in the summer.. no wonder hazard has said he's waiting until after the world cup to sort his future.

Going to be hard to keep hold of hazard now by the looks of it.

by Famous, 26/05, 22:54 @ CLL_JT26

I’d take either of them in his place

by gatfb, 27/05, 02:08 @ Famous

Me too. In a heart beat.

by upthechels @, 27/05, 19:37 @ CLL_JT26

We should be looking to add Bale/Ronaldo rather than a swap deal.

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