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Sarri Replacement
by Droy263, 31/05, 05:08

So after his 13 months (average tenure in prem)and around 93 games prem league in charge (conte on 106) who do we get next? [shades]

Sarri Replacement
by WOGFTB, 31/05, 06:24 @ Droy263

We’d be going some to play 93 games in 13 months

Sarri Replacement
by Famous, 31/05, 07:11 @ Droy263


Sarri Replacement
by MHLPisshead, 31/05, 08:04 @ Famous


Sarri Replacement
by Droy263, 31/05, 12:58 @ MHLPisshead

93 games in 13 months, I did at least 30 seconds of googling on that one..[eh]

Sarri Replacement
by Droy263, 31/05, 13:02 @ Droy263

Okay, league managers report from season before last says the prem average is 1.3 years. So 15 months in the hot seat..[tea]

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