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ZZ has just stepped
by CFCed @, 31/05, 12:15

Down as Real Madrid manager.

He’s not on his way is he ?

ZZ has just stepped
by CCCC, 31/05, 12:29 @ CFCed

Would be great..but more likely Real will snap up Sarri or Conte and we’ll be left standing with our dick in our hands

ZZ has just stepped
by OSGOODWASGOOD, 31/05, 12:36 @ CCCC


ZZ has just stepped
by stanic_worship, 31/05, 13:42 @ OSGOODWASGOOD

They're going for Pochettino.

ZZ has just stepped
by CLL_JT26, 31/05, 16:35 @ CFCed

Hope he's on his way.

Would take zidane over sarri, blanc etc.

I suspect he's got the France job lined up for after the WC though.

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