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by upthechels @, 05/06, 10:47

What name offers a buzz and would make you excited for the new season?

Frank going to Derby has killed off my hopes of my number one target...would have loved Frank/Jody steering us :-(

Keeping Conte leaves me dead flat...I don't want him staying another season. The rot has set in so best he does one.

Of other names...only Zidane stands out to me but I'm yet to be convinced by him so look at him with some reserve.

It's all looking shite to be honest.

by 1WB, 05/06, 11:03 @ upthechels


by upthechels @, 05/06, 11:08 @ 1WB

Not for me mate. Does a good job in Spain but I reckon the pressure of the PL would have him in all sorts of bother. More hassle than he's worth imo.

by NORTHLONDONCHELSEA, 05/06, 14:19 @ upthechels

Fulham bloke for me.

by ejm @, 05/06, 14:51 @ NORTHLONDONCHELSEA

And they would hate us even more, if that's possible.

by NORTHLONDONCHELSEA, 06/06, 09:10 @ ejm

Fuck em trophy virgins:-D

by stanic_worship, 05/06, 11:18 @ upthechels

Big Ron. :-D

by upthechels @, 05/06, 11:20 @ stanic_worship


by Famous, 05/06, 11:57 @ upthechels

In terms of who we could realistically get, Sarri, Jardim or Zidane would be interesting. I don’t know if any of them are particularly better than Conte but it does seem like a change is going to be needed. Not sure whether Zidane would even fancy it to be honest.
I doubt the likes of Allegri or Simeone would come here, but I’d be more than happy with either.

If we’re going to go left-field, Nagelsmann and Tedesco have done good jobs in Germany but would be a big ask to expect them to come to a new league, language etc., especially at their tender ages. I’ve always liked Sampaoli and he’s likely to be free after the World Cup, so maybe another left-field possibility there, but again you’re looking at a big culture change.

by CLL_JT26, 05/06, 13:12 @ upthechels

Ideally simeone. Really hope we get him one day.

Realistically, only zidane would interest me.

by Brown_Celery, 05/06, 14:26 @ upthechels

Mike Bassett! Left field option Jokanovic

by mhl_pete @, 05/06, 20:37 @ upthechels

Henk Ten Cate.

by shed69, 06/06, 22:53 @ mhl_pete


by R1der, 05/06, 20:39 @ upthechels

There was spec earlier we’d agreed terms with Blanc - not that he would excite me tbh

by Droy263, 07/06, 02:41 @ R1der

Yep I saw that, this noise still going on blanc or is it just all noise!! [sad]

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