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by Kingkerry2, 08/06, 05:07
by 1WB, 08/06, 08:04 @ Kingkerry2

No idea, but that tracksuit top is decent!

by Droy263, 08/06, 14:48 @ 1WB

Got a good few, must been micky droys last season.

by OSGOODWASGOOD, 08/06, 23:53 @ Kingkerry2

John Neal’s 1983-84 Squad;

Keith Dublin, Peter Rhoades-Brown, Dale Jasper, Colin Pates, Mickey Droy, Nigel Spackman, Joe McLoughlin, Colin Lee, Paul Canoville.

Norman Medhurst, Ian Braithwaite, Pat Nevin, John Hollins, Joey Jones, Eddie Niedzwiecki, Steve Francis, Tony McAndrew, Kerry Dixon, Clive Walker, Peter Bonetti ;

Ian McNeill, Michael Fillery, Chris Hutchings, Leo Donnellan, John Neal, John Bumstead, David Speedie, Perry Baldacchino, Jimmy Hendry;
Phil Priest, Robert Isaac, Martin Nolan, Grant Lunn, Keith Jones, Robin Beste, Terry Howard, Stokley Sawyers

by Droy263, 09/06, 03:29 @ OSGOODWASGOOD

Lot of names I never knew and clearly didnt make it at the club or in the game even.

by ejm @, 09/06, 15:31 @ Droy263

Perry Baldacchino sounds like a player!

by Kingkerry2, 13/06, 06:10 @ OSGOODWASGOOD


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