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House Question
by Walter @, 13/06, 10:39

Hello, am a bit naive about these sorts of things.
I moved last August and the estate that owns the grounds sent me a ground rent bill for £250, no worries there.
However, my solictor didn't inform them of the new owner (me) so the estate are asking for a £300 admin fee to change the name from previous owners to mine.
The solictor admits it was his error and is asking I pay him the £300 and he'll sort it with the estate. Should I be paying, or should the solictior pay because it was his error for not doing it last year? Should I play hard-ball and say his error, he pays? Can they really get me to pay 10 months later when it was their screw up?
(I had the money a year ago budgeted in the house-move; I don't have the money now.)

Cheers in advance.

House Question
by stanic_worship, 13/06, 11:20 @ Walter

Solicitor's job to have identified it, but still your liability ultimately (i.e. you will have to pay).

House Question
by Walter @, 13/06, 11:51 @ stanic_worship

What a load of old flannel!!

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