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England analysis
by Walter @, 19/06, 08:34

Linegard and Sterling couldn't finish for toffee. Stones missed a sitter.

Deserved win. Trippier was decent.

England analysis
by upthechels @, 19/06, 10:04 @ Walter

My expectation was that we would win...that's how it's always been against the like of Tunisia for me - I expect England to win.

Kane took his chances well, the second I'm not quite sure how he did it. The goals apart, I thought he was woeful in general play. Deli Alli, Lingard and Sterling need to up their games if we're going to get through a knockout. They need to do what Kane did last night, find the moments even when not playing that well.

Made hard work of one of the easiest teams in the WC. Must do better...and we can do better.

England analysis
by stanic_worship, 19/06, 10:52 @ upthechels

Nobody has really spoken about how disjointed the defence was... any kind of pressure and they'll go to shit.

Agree with the rest, Kane well marshalled but got little support from the midfield.

Henderson sat way too deep and there were gaps all over the midfield.

RLC made an impact when he came on.

England analysis
by upthechels @, 19/06, 10:57 @ stanic_worship

I will accept the defence wasn't as tight and compact as we'd expect but the way Tunisia played was invitation for Maguire and Stones to break rank and leave holes.

It was clear to me it was a game that would have suited Vardy to a tee. We never saw him...thought that very odd.

England analysis
by stanic_worship, 19/06, 12:32 @ upthechels

Spot on, couldn't believe Vardy didn't make it on.

England analysis
by Famous, 19/06, 13:18 @ stanic_worship

I think he could be better suited to games against teams like Belgium, who you’d expect to have more possession in England's half, so Vardy can be used as an outlet. I’m not sure he would’ve seen much of the ball had he been on last night (second half at least - first half he’d have been like a pig in shit)

England analysis
by stanic_worship, 19/06, 10:51 @ Walter

No mention of Maguire?[stir]

England analysis
by Walter @, 19/06, 19:37 @ stanic_worship

He's the bollocks, Stan. Great player.

England analysis
by stanic_worship, 21/06, 08:39 @ Walter


England analysis
by shed69, 19/06, 12:41 @ Walter

We played well, great attitude and perseverance. Very impressed with Southgate and his self assurance and attitude, which is obviously carrying over to the team. Bring on Panama [fb]

England analysis
by Famous, 19/06, 13:16 @ shed69


England analysis
by Famous, 19/06, 13:15 @ Walter

England have struggled to break the opposition down in these games before so it was positive to see the way they started (probably the best I’ve seen them play in a tournament since 2004 in that first 25 minutes or so). It was also refreshing to see them passing better. There’s definitely a mistake or two in them and the finishing needs to be better, but with Kane there’s always a chance of nicking a win from a draw or a draw from a defeat, and it’s been a long time since England have had a striker like that.
The middle third of the match has to be a bit of a worry as there were some signs of the old England in there, however fair play for them for being patient and then having the character to keep going ‘til the end. I think more than ever they’re going to need the whole squad to chip in and Southgate/Holland used the bench well IMHO. Being able to bring on hungry players with pace is a positive, in case the starters are showing tiredness or lack of purpose.
There’ll be tougher tests ahead but one of the criticisms of England is they don’t win the games they should do, so at least they’ve managed to answer that now.

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