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This World Cup
by WOGFTB, 30/06, 21:45

Is excellent [fb] [^]

This World Cup
by R1der, 01/07, 08:19 @ WOGFTB

France looked good I thought and what a prospect Mbappe is!

This World Cup
by ejm @, 01/07, 08:35 @ R1der

[^] [^] Also have them in the work sweepstake.

This World Cup
by Droy263, 01/07, 10:24 @ ejm

Best world cup in a long time. I do wonder if the reffing will have a sting in it somewhere. Some poor officials there.

This World Cup
by MHLPisshead, 01/07, 21:51 @ R1der

Famous has been going on about him for ages.Now I can see why(and that's why there's more informed opinion on here than any other Chelsea site )

This World Cup
by shed69, 01/07, 22:10 @ R1der

We should make a bid. A loan to Vitesse should then make him the finished article.[^]

This World Cup
by MHLPisshead, 01/07, 22:20 @ shed69


This World Cup
by MHLPisshead, 01/07, 21:55 @ WOGFTB

Bloody brililant M.This brilliant weather on top doesn't hurt either.A few mates have gone out for the duration and said they have been welcomed with open arms everywehere.Even off the beaten track when they've had a tourist day.

This World Cup
by stanic_worship, 02/07, 13:09 @ WOGFTB

Is 'coming like a ghost world cup. All the seeds, are gooiiing out...


This World Cup
by cfcww, 02/07, 13:41 @ WOGFTB

Enjoyable watching but the standard is pretty poor. I think most of the PL and some of the Championship sides would cope easy enough with the vast majority of the sides there.

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