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England Analysis
by Walter @, 04/07, 07:56

Never drinking again

England Analysis
by Droy263, 04/07, 11:26 @ Walter

Ha ha. My head hurts, ten pints and currently with the boy on a stadium tour of the bridge. [wink]

England Analysis
by upthechels @, 04/07, 12:31 @ Walter

The further we're going the more I think we're piss poor.

I enjoy the victories but I know the score when it comes to a good side. The lads are working very very hard and that's what is counting atm.

England Analysis
by OSGOODWASGOOD, 04/07, 15:06 @ upthechels

Spot on B.
England will win nothing with Sterling, Alli and Young in the side.

England Analysis
by upthechels @, 04/07, 17:00 @ OSGOODWASGOOD


I see very little flair or game changing players in this squad. I also thought Southgate was a little flawed last night. Alli was given far too much time on the field and then when bringing Dier on for him I felt it just said to Columbia 'we will now sit so come on to us'. We're surviving on dead balls and very hard work. Sterling has been well off the pace...he's better than what we've seen but not a top top player by any stretch.

Just to clear where I stand, I celebrate as hard as anyone else but my expectation and faith is a lot lower than many atm. I'm enjoying the moment but think we need to step it up if football is coming home.

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