P302Rivals Football - Chelsea FC
by upthechels @, 07/07, 16:56

was the best from us yet...very impressive lads. [2tone]

by Walter @, 07/07, 18:18 @ upthechels

Clocked out at work & watched first half in staff canteen. Got home for second half.

Pinching myself a bit really. Turned 15 during Italia '90 so bringing back memories I'd forgot about when the BBC ran their feature at full time.

by R1der, 07/07, 18:22 @ Walter

17 of the current squad not born in 1990!!!


Well played lads!


by Famous, 07/07, 20:41 @ Walter

iPlayer crashed with three minutes to go so I missed the end, will try and catch that. Watched One Night in Turin and Return to Turin during the week, highly recommend them for some nostalgia [fb]

by Cfcsort, 07/07, 19:11 @ upthechels


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