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Gotta be honest...
by upthechels @, 11/07, 22:20

We beat Tunisia, Panama & Sweden and lost to Belgium and Croatia.

It really wasn't that special a run - in my honest opinion.

I don't feel hugely proud of the lads because we beat the teams I'd expect us to beat and lost to teams that have leaped above us over the years...if that offends then I'm sorry.

Gotta be honest...
by OSGOODWASGOOD, 11/07, 22:44 @ upthechels

We’ll win nothing with Young, Alli &Sterling in the team [tea]

Gotta be honest...
by upthechels @, 11/07, 22:45 @ OSGOODWASGOOD

Nailed it ages ago :-D

Gotta be honest...
by Walter @, 11/07, 22:52 @ upthechels

I've loved the ride.
Nothing left in the tank tonight.
Kane was anonymous (not digging him out at all) - Qatar world cup is corruption personified so well done England and.... on a side note - ref gave us nothing. First half if he deservedly books two of their defenders it's a different game.

Gotta be honest...
by upthechels @, 11/07, 22:57 @ Walter

Oh I've enjoyed it but can't say I'm proud of the lads tbh. Probably the worst standard of football I've seen in a WC going back to 1970!

Kane needs to popping that chance away for 2-0...that's what would have made it a different game mate...imo of course!

Gotta be honest...
by Walter @, 11/07, 23:04 @ upthechels

Oh come on B, you're being harsh there.
Edit wasn't born in '70 & can't remember '82.

We weren't all that in 1990. Got v lucky -
then in the semis ridiculously unluckily

Gotta be honest...
by upthechels @, 11/07, 23:11 @ Walter

Just how I see it mate. Watched all the superstars flop this time around. I missed Italy and Holland even being there!

I even watched Spain, Brazil, Argentina and Germany flop. The French have been the best and I hope they win it for Kante and Giroud, that's me being sentimental now :-D

It's been fun because of the above and that's why I've enjoyed the last few weeks but the purist in me says the standard was way below par.

Gotta be honest...
by Walter @, 11/07, 23:16 @ upthechels

Good points about the super stars flopping. Got no affection for Giroud but Kante is the best player in the world.

Gotta be honest...
by upthechels @, 11/07, 23:18 @ Walter

Kante should boast a World Cup winners medal [^] [^] [^]

Gotta be honest...
by MartyF @, 11/07, 22:58 @ Walter

With you on the ref, he was very poor.

Gotta be honest...
by Walter @, 11/07, 23:10 @ MartyF

Fucking idiot

Edit: not you, the ref

Gotta be honest...
by MartyF @, 11/07, 22:55 @ upthechels

Albania could have been in that group and done as well.

Gotta be honest...
by upthechels @, 11/07, 22:58 @ MartyF


Gotta be honest...
by CreepyLurker, 11/07, 23:09 @ upthechels

Top yourself you miserable prick and do us a favour. Please

Gotta be honest...
by Walter @, 11/07, 23:12 @ CreepyLurker

Eh? Deplorable thing to say.

Gotta be honest...
by upthechels @, 11/07, 23:14 @ Walter

Ignore it mate, always idiots feeling brave from a distance :-D [shades]

Gotta be honest...
by upthechels @, 11/07, 23:13 @ CreepyLurker

Haha!!! Just not being mugged off into thinking England have been something special...you fill your boots though.

Gotta be honest...
by SuperCesc, 12/07, 01:58 @ upthechels

if you want to be honest say that you were wrong about Harry fucking Kane who was a load of dogshite in this World Cup after you banged on about him for the last 3 years

Gotta be honest...
by upthechels @, 12/07, 09:14 @ SuperCesc

You wait for 2 poor games to stick the boot in? HAHAHAHA

You are aware he has 6 goals during his 'dogshit' period?

Gotta be honest...
by shed69, 12/07, 16:22 @ upthechels

I think that's missing the point to be honest B. It wasn't just about 3 victories, or 2 defeats. This was the culmination of a change of strategy in English football from around 2014, which has resulted in recent successes for u17s and u19s, and a more confident way of playing which is now preached throughout all age groups up the seniors. This was a very young squad, who were bound to make mistakes, and be naive in places. The way Southgate talked and conducted himself, not bowing down to media pressure or apologising for sticking to his principles and the aforementioned strategy, rubbed off on them, who - albeit sporadically - played freely, creatively and without fear.

I'm immensely proud of them in how they performed on the world stage, when others fell by the wayside. How they genuinely appreciated the away support, and how they wore their heart on their sleeves. We are currently lacking the creative edge that will take us further, but the experience they have taken from this is invaluable and puts us in a much stronger position for Euro 2020. From what I've heard, even though the u17s have been successful, it wont be for a another year or two when you will see even more talented youngsters coming through, which hopefully will the void in finding our own Modric.

Gotta be honest...
by upthechels @, 12/07, 16:23 @ shed69


Gotta be honest...
by nstand, 12/07, 18:12 @ shed69

nail on [^]

As much about the change in mindset than anything else.

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