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England Analysis
by Walter @, 11/07, 22:33

M*dric different level

England Analysis
by OSGOODWASGOOD, 11/07, 22:45 @ Walter

Superb player. My player of the finals, by a country mile.

England Analysis
by MartyF @, 11/07, 23:21 @ Walter

[^] their whole midfield was a different level, especially in the second half.

England Analysis
by CLL_JT26, 12/07, 00:42 @ Walter

Feel gutted but proud.

*edit - Moscow and their luzniki stadium can fk off. (Or however you spell it)

England Analysis
by Droy263, 12/07, 08:44 @ CLL_JT26

Shame. Had blagged a Fan ID, flights were going to be booked post the game. Saves me a row with the Mrs I guess. DFS

England Analysis
by cfcww, 12/07, 09:57 @ Walter

For some reason we just do not produce players like him or Rakotic.

Modric is constantly in space where he can receive the ball and keep play moving.

Always putting opposition teams under pressure.

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