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by riazorblue, 19/07, 13:08

Are we optimistic?. I'm all for a new exciting style but what if it takes a year to implement, will the board be patient?

by Famous, 19/07, 15:12 @ riazorblue

This is what concerns me; he is capable of building exciting, winning sides, but I worry there’s too many of this current squad who are nowhere near compatible with his style of play and the club are no doubt just going to expect him to either adapt how he plays to suit them, or to teach old dogs new tricks overnight.
The more he compromises, the more likely he is not to succeed.

I think there’s a chance we could start seeing a lot more young players, playing regularly, to try and get round this.

by 1WB, 19/07, 22:22 @ Famous

Fantastic... can’t wait to see the youngsters secure us a top ten [^]

by Famous, 20/07, 14:01 @ 1WB

I'm just speculating really. As you know, I'm no member of the 'PLAY THE KIDS' brigade. But if a younger player is more suited to his system & style of play than a more established, objectively better player (I'm thinking people like Giroud, Fabregas and Cahill) then one would think it'd make more sense to make use of them rather than trying to turn an older player into something they're not and would probably never be.
Whilst obviously having quality players should always be the priority, given our recent transfer record I sense they've got him in an attempt to make the team stronger than the sum of its parts. I just hope he doesn't get prematurely judged purely on the next couple of months or so, as once a board decides to swap a manager for another with such a different way of approaching the game, they surely then have to accept a period of transition.

by CCCC, 20/07, 15:30 @ Famous

Something Nathaniel Chalobah mentioned after his loan spell with Napoli, was that Sarri likes intelligence over pretty much everything else. Knowing where to be, what pass to make and when to Press are very important to him.
...I’ve also read that he drills the players on dozens of different set plays from throw-ins alone and expects the players to remember the signals for each.
Players like Christensen, Kante, Fabregas might fit in quite well...whereas Bakayoko, Loftus-Cheek and Batshuayi might not.[img]INSERT IMAGE LINK HERE[/img]

by Famous, 20/07, 17:30 @ CCCC

Was that the Totally Football interview? Recall that being a good listen, will have to go back and listen again.

I’m not so sure about Fabregas’s intelligence in that respect but would be good if he could adapt.
Hazard should give it a year under him as it could be his best ever and really reinforce his place in the world pecking order.

by CCCC, 20/07, 18:36 @ Famous

Jorginho’s role from what I understand, is to dictate the direction of play (left of right) depending o which side currently has the ‘overload’ (Sarri likes to have two players from the front three and a midfielder work closely down on wing, creating a numerical advantage)...I think Fabregas could be employed in this role when giving Jorginho a rest (European and Cup Games). I think he’s smart enough (always has his head up) to pick this pass quickly and from deep like the boss wants.

by Famous, 20/07, 18:39 @ CCCC

Judging by his toys-out-the-pram comments about Conte during the World Cup etc., I get the impression Fabregas wouldn’t be keen on playing a a bit-part/squad role

by OSGOODWASGOOD, 20/07, 22:37 @ CCCC

Jorginho is very much like the Fabregas of old. It’s time to move Fabregas on, because he has no pace, and now gives the ball away far too often. Although, because he is a homegrown player, we will probably have to keep him. Personally, I would replace him in the squad with Loftus-Cheek.

by CCCC, 20/07, 18:37 @ Famous

Can’t remember which interview...might have been that one.

by Walter @, 20/07, 21:55 @ CCCC

Very interesting post, thank you

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