P302Rivals Football - Chelsea FC
by stanic_worship, 25/07, 14:29

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by Droy263, 25/07, 14:59 @ stanic_worship

Oh my... what happened to Rob Green.. Is Phil Parkes or Joe Corrigan still available.. [sad]

by CLL_JT26, 25/07, 16:36 @ stanic_worship

[v] surely not as our new no1. Or even no2. [boo]

Seen rumours today we're getting 25m for Courtois, if that's the case then keep him and let him go on a free next year!

by R1der, 25/07, 19:36 @ CLL_JT26

If we sell TeeBo for 25m that’s a fkn disgrace and if we pay 9m for cnutchops I suspect it ain’t to sit on the bench!

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