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Only in the UK
by cfcww, 26/07, 11:22

could a warm summer become potential Armaggeddon!!!

Social Media, Papers & TV acting like it's the last days on earth, FFS get a grip [head]

Only in the UK
by OSGOODWASGOOD, 26/07, 12:00 @ cfcww

I doubt if most of them were alive in 1976. That was wicked.

Only in the UK
by cfcww, 26/07, 12:48 @ OSGOODWASGOOD

What makes me laugh is that you would think that was the last hot summer we had! 1990 was really hot, water shortages etc, 2003 & 2005 also very hot summers plus loads of heat waves in between. Through most of the 90s and early 2000 there water shortages over many years.

If anything we are better equipped than we were in any previous years, even TFL have managed to put air conditioning on four lines! Most cars have air con now as do the majority of offices! Even fans you buy for your home can actually provide cool air as opposed to the old ones that used to just swirl around hot air!

Only in the UK
by MHLPisshead, 28/07, 09:44 @ OSGOODWASGOOD

We moved to Ireland from London in 1975 and went on our first summer holiday to the Galway coast during the heatwave of 1976.Two weeks in a caravan park.I had an absess on a rotten tooth and was in agony.(All the dentists appeared to be on holiday)
My sister got bitten by a baboon in the local zoo and could've lost a finger.
Oh.And it was freezing and rained non stop.We left halfway through the two week holiday.
Oh yes.The glorious summer of '76.

Only in the UK
by shed69, 28/07, 19:57 @ MHLPisshead

:-D . 'You WILL enjoy yourselves'

Only in the UK
by gatfb, 26/07, 17:26 @ cfcww

Between the weather and Brexit the Confederacy of Dunces are having a wank fest.

Only in the UK
by Famous, 26/07, 17:58 @ gatfb

Daily Express readers? Only thing they love more than EU bashing is scare stories about the weather

Only in the UK
by cfcww, 27/07, 12:30 @ Famous

Daily Express only the tip of the iceberg on the weather, everyone from the Morning Star to the Daily Heil has been at it.


Only in the UK
by cfcww, 27/07, 12:42 @ gatfb

Brexit Armageddon is currently delayed from 24th June 2016 to 30th March 2019. I had built my mud hut in advance but this bloody hot weather has dried it out and the straw roof caught fire in the burning sun. I had sold my car and bought a donkey also in advance of there being no petrol in the future but he collapsed and died because of these Saharan conditions that we will now be living in forever!

Only in the UK
by Droy263, 27/07, 17:41 @ cfcww

Living in a country that averages 32c all year round I am appreciative for such tips from the UK press. Good luck to you all.. [eh]

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