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Tonight's match
by CLL_JT26, 28/07, 14:01

Is it on tv anywhere?

Tonight's match
by WOGFTB, 28/07, 17:44 @ CLL_JT26

Some new Sky channel - Premier 1 HD? 412

Tonight's match
by Kingkerry2, 28/07, 20:36 @ WOGFTB

Paid 9.99 for a month

Tonight's match
by 1WB, 28/07, 23:51 @ Kingkerry2

Why? It’s free online!

Tonight's match
by Kingkerry2, 29/07, 10:07 @ 1WB

Because I’m stupid lol

Tonight's match
by Famous, 29/07, 14:57 @ WOGFTB

Premier Sports has been around for about 10 years, I used to subscribe to it for GAA & South American football, I think I was their one subscriber :-D

Tonight's match
by ejm @, 29/07, 15:43 @ Famous

Make that 2... used to watch GAA on it. It has just appeared on Virgin Media.

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