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Willian ??!!
by Kingkerry2, 02/08, 16:01

The midfielder, who has spent five years at Chelsea, was due to report to pre-season training with the Blues last Friday, after representing Brazil at the World Cup in Russia, but he failed to arrive.

Willian ??!!
by stanic_worship, 02/08, 16:12 @ Kingkerry2

His passport didn't have enough blank pages to travel last week. He turned up yesterday.

Willian ??!!
by upthechels @, 02/08, 16:29 @ stanic_worship

Yep...he was seen doing light training at Cobham.

Willian ??!!
by stanic_worship, 02/08, 16:41 @ upthechels

Was that yesterday, or all of last season? [wink]

Willian ??!!
by Famous, 02/08, 16:51 @ stanic_worship


Willian ??!!
by upthechels @, 02/08, 17:49 @ stanic_worship

:-D :-D

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