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New system
by stanic_worship, 02/08, 16:53

Yesterday was the first time I've seen us properly, couple of observations:

- Overall very impressed with the energy and that shape will kill off most teams, they simply won't get out of their own half
- Problem will be against better sides, as on the break it'll be attack v defence, as our midfield will still be in their box - Guess Kante helps there, but can't help feeling there will be a few AVB style days on the horizon
- Hudson-Odoi is a tremendous talent. Think he gets in the team at the moment
- Need a new forward, Morata just isn't at the races
- Can see why we're in the market for a CB, not sure he trusts the partnership of Rudiger and Luiz (which seems to be the first choice at the moment)
- Thought our defending was pretty decent when we didn't have the ball - Good team shape overall defensively (except when we were hit on the break, see above)
- We'll get better as the weeks go on, but the signs are promising

New system
by Famous, 02/08, 16:56 @ stanic_worship


New system
by Walter @, 02/08, 18:29 @ stanic_worship

I watched 80 mins of the game yesterday. Felt a bit AVB to me :-D

Hopefully Morata can really kick on. He's just had twins so he gets a pass from me for yesterday. A new song and a goal at Huddersfield please.

Cech was outstanding yesterday saving a pen and two one-on-ones in the first half.

Our Polish 18 year old keeper was decent in the last game, and last night.

With Kante, TBO, Willian and Hazard to come back, it appears promising.

New system
by stanic_worship, 03/08, 09:20 @ Walter

Thought the keeper was sensational - Two genuinely world class saves. I really like the look of him, to be fair would it be such a bad thing to play him if Courtois does the off? Don't see the harm in it myself.

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