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Sari ball

Hardly a shot should be 3 down 4 at the back are all over the gaff[cr]

Sari ball
by MartyF @, 05/08, 16:36 @ NORTHLONDONCHELSEA

I think you can see why he is looking for a new center back.

Bottom line is city are better than us in every department, a different style of play isn't going to change that in a hurry.

Sari ball
by Famous, 05/08, 16:58 @ MartyF

City are years ahead of us. It’s a shame that whilst they decided to invest so much time and money into getting to where they are now, we as a club just lurched from one thing to the other for years with no semblance of a plan.

Sari ball
by Famous, 05/08, 16:55 @ NORTHLONDONCHELSEA

Are you judging Sarri and his style of play on one pre-season match? [eh]

Sari ball
by NORTHLONDONCHELSEA, 05/08, 17:09 @ Famous

Not judging yet but we were piss poor

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