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My biggest worry is.
by riazorblue, 06/08, 09:05

...the board. Yesterday we were second best in everything, but it just underlines the job ahead. The club handled the managerial change as badly as it could be handled, he has had no time yet, no players yet, it’s a completely new approach on the pitch etc. etc.

Will the board appreciate all of this and give him a reasonable chance to do the job? If the results start off a bit iffy and they do their usual then it’s all a huge waste of time.

My biggest worry is.
by CLL_JT26, 06/08, 10:08 @ riazorblue

Still a few days to go, but I'm surprised how quiet we've been in the transfer market, ins and outs. We have a squad shaped by conte and jose, 2 managers who play totally different styles to sarri. Sarri has a tough job getting his style of football from this squad of players. Imo it could take at least 2-3 transfer windows, but will our board give sarri the time..

We desperately need a top GK from somewhere if courtois is on the way out and we're going to struggle with our current strikers.

Moses, zappacosta, Cahill, Alonso, drinkwater, Bakayoko and Giroud for eg I think will struggle to play the way sarri wants. As much as I like fabregas, he seems to be getting slower and I'm not sure he and jorginho in the same midfield can work.

My biggest worry is.
by MartyF @, 06/08, 11:50 @ CLL_JT26

I think Zappacosta, while not great, has the pace to get up and down as required so I'd start him.

Agree with pretty much the rest.

My biggest worry is.
by Famous, 06/08, 12:30 @ riazorblue

Exactly. They decided to make this change, they now need to show the patience (as do the fans) and help to give Sarri everything he needs to take his best shot at succeeding.

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