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39th Game
by Droy263, 22/08, 13:34

Its coming boys, La Liga just signed a 15 year deal with US. Who is up for Leicester away in Bangkok !!

39th Game
by Brown_Celery, 22/08, 14:35 @ Droy263

a few on here love chicks with d*cks, they will definitely partake.......... [ymca]

39th Game
by 1WB, 22/08, 20:20 @ Droy263

That’s the day I’m done DFS

39th Game
by Droy263, 23/08, 01:20 @ 1WB

Community shield will be first to go, spain and france already playing there version abroad.

39th Game
by 1WB, 23/08, 20:19 @ Droy263


Those shiny stadiums should remain empty.

39th Game
by upthechels @, 23/08, 11:20 @ 1WB

Pull up a chair :-D

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