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Bank Holiday weekend
by Walter @, 22/08, 22:36

Friday work then camping.
Saturday camping.
Sunday sister in laws with the family, watch #RafaOut storm to victory on the box. Stay over.
Monday travel home; chores.


Bank Holiday weekend
by Droy263, 23/08, 04:09 @ Walter

Off to south korea for work to watch a boy band at the Jamsil Sports Complex on saturday and sunday. [ymca] fly back Monday.

Bank Holiday weekend
by OSGOODWASGOOD, 23/08, 07:59 @ Droy263

I’ll be boring the pants off of someone somewhere...

Bank Holiday weekend
by upthechels @, 23/08, 12:11 @ OSGOODWASGOOD

Never bore me mate.

Bank Holiday weekend
by NORTHLONDONCHELSEA, 23/08, 15:09 @ upthechels

Bloody hell what a boring bunch:O

Bank Holiday weekend
by shed69, 23/08, 12:10 @ Droy263


Bank Holiday weekend
by Brown_Celery, 23/08, 09:03 @ Walter

Drive to Scotland on Saturday and stay for a week! bit of golf, walking the dog and plenty of whiskey [beer]

Bank Holiday weekend
by stanic_worship, 23/08, 10:17 @ Walter

Painting the house. [zz]

Bank Holiday weekend
by upthechels @, 23/08, 10:45 @ Walter

Shakespear in the Park (Stamford, Lincs} Friday evening and then painting and wallpapering the living room all weekend.

Bank Holiday weekend
by upthechels @, 23/08, 12:13 @ upthechels

Just been told I have a family (her family, all armed forces) get together on Monday in Huntingdon...what joy :-D

Bank Holiday weekend
by shed69, 23/08, 12:13 @ Walter

Got back from hols this week, so catching up on work all weekend, whilst juggling kids as Mrs shed is working.

Back down to earth [neutral]

Bank Holiday weekend
by 1WB, 23/08, 20:18 @ Walter

Fly home from Greece Saturday morning

Saturday evening out with mates over from Canada

Sunday out on the [beer] to watch the game. Curry with another family that evening

Monday - she thinks I’m painting / I think I’m golfing

Bank Holiday weekend
by Brown_Celery, 24/08, 10:49 @ 1WB

Love that!!!!

Bank Holiday weekend
by mhl_pete @, 24/08, 15:13 @ Walter

Looks like it’ll be work [rant] and chores around the house, mercifully interrupted by a bit of non league football and of course, our match on the box Sunday [old] [tea]

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