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Just about deserved
by gatfb, 26/08, 23:10

to win. According to MOTD [clown]

Just about deserved
by upthechels @, 27/08, 10:28 @ gatfb

The reaction to our 80%+ possession has been questionable. Man City do it and it's football from the gods - Chelsea do it and it's the work of the devil sent to bore us.

I don't blame Rafa (OUT) for sending his lads out to defend...it was our job to break them down and we did that just in the nick of time. We deserved our win but we need to add some directness in games like this. Zappacosta and Emerson may have offerered more options to get right down the flanks and in behind. Giroud and Morata would also be an option - offering Kante a break...was he needed yesterday? Not in my book.

I'm a huge Luiz fan...he done nothing to keep the haters off his back for the Newcastle goal....terrible Geezer. It just shows even with 80/20 you have to be switched on at all times.

Just about deserved
by CLL_JT26, 27/08, 18:55 @ upthechels

Id like to see Christensen start the next game.

Just about deserved
by upthechels @, 27/08, 19:49 @ CLL_JT26

I stand beside Luiz continuing :-D

Just about deserved
by gatfb, 28/08, 00:39 @ CLL_JT26

Christensen for me as well. Still, for a work in progress we've done ok.

Just about deserved
by cfcww, 28/08, 13:48 @ upthechels

Not sure there is a lot of Luiz haters B? Not amongst the fans anyway. He was poor for the goal and he seems to have lost a yard of pace, but that could be because he's only just having a run of games after being in the wilderness most of last season.

Plenty in the bank with me after his performance in Munich when still injured and that penalty!

Just about deserved
by upthechels @, 28/08, 16:23 @ cfcww

Plenty of haters on my badges Facebook D :-D

Looking at recent form I'd say Luiz is far more trustworthy than Christensen. He was having a mare late last season....that doesn't mean I don't want him back at some point.

Just about deserved
by cfcww, 28/08, 17:27 @ upthechels

There must be some fickle fans in that group!

The problem for Luiz will be that if we are going to play as we have been then we are going to need some very mobile centre backs as they are not going to get a lot of cover from the midfield or a lot of help from Alonso (not knocking him as he's been outstanding going forward and his technical ability is right up there with the best, it just seems he is playing as a left winger as opposed to a left back. )

Christensen is young and will learn from his mistakes and I expect he will be the better option in time.

Just about deserved
by MartyF @, 27/08, 17:06 @ gatfb

Its funny, almost all the ex refs that have talked about the penalty today (Hacket, Clattenberg, Gallagher) have said it was a pen but you read the match reports or comments sections and almost universally the consensus is we got lucky.

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