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Looking like an old man[tea]

by gatfb, 28/08, 00:41 @ NORTHLONDONCHELSEA

Looking like yesterdays man. I'll be glad when he leaves these shores so I can feel something for him again.

by NORTHLONDONCHELSEA, 28/08, 14:30 @ gatfb

Find him hilarious Mr bean :-D

by Famous, 28/08, 16:27 @ NORTHLONDONCHELSEA

I feel like I’ve missed something with him, why are there Chelsea fans who actively dislike him? Don’t get me wrong, I’m shedding no tears for his current predicament, but what has he ever done to make people turn against him so much? I’ve never seen him disrespect us as fans or do wrong by the club, a la Poyet [eh]

by upthechels @, 28/08, 16:29 @ Famous

I actually feel for the guy. I thought he cut a sad figure last night and I took no pleasure.

by Famous, 28/08, 16:41 @ upthechels

I do wonder whether his father’s illness and death has had more of an impact on him over the past few years than people realise/think about.

by upthechels @, 28/08, 17:14 @ Famous

I wouldn't rule that out at all, K. Far from it!

by cfcww, 28/08, 18:00 @ Famous

Something seems to have affected him. He is a different person these days with the media than he was even three years ago and he doesn't seem to get any enjoyment out of football.

I expect his father, a football man, was a person he could talk to privately and bounce ideas off and probably advised him when he was off the mark, keeping him focused.

For someone who had such an affinity with us to be virtually despised by some now is sad to see. I felt he contributed to his own downfall on his second stint, but get no pleasure in seeing the man struggling now.

by Walter @, 29/08, 01:01 @ cfcww

Wise words mate

by Famous, 29/08, 07:03 @ cfcww


by Walter @, 29/08, 01:00 @ Famous


by stanic_worship, 28/08, 21:00 @ Famous

I’m shedding no tears, but at the same time I’m not enjoying seeing him crumble in front of us. I genuinely think he is suffering from a mental illness and needs help.

That said, there’s limited sympathy all round because to put it another way - would JM have sympathy for himself if it was an opposition manager? Not a chance.

by Walter @, 29/08, 01:04 @ stanic_worship

He needs a few pints and ten Bensons.

Too proud and driven to walk away from United. Looks like his days are numbered.

Lump on Zidane

by stanic_worship, 29/08, 10:18 @ Walter

Too proud to change his ways, too proud to walk away, too proud to admit he's wrong.

It only goes one way from here...

by upthechels @, 28/08, 10:10 @ NORTHLONDONCHELSEA

It's akin to watching the Titanic sink or the death of King Kong.

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