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Mason Mount
by CCCC, 28/08, 22:07

Scored 4 in his first 7 games for Derby.

Been on a Derby forum today and they are raving about him.

..I know it’s early days, but can see him making an England squad later this year.

Mason Mount
by Walter @, 29/08, 00:58 @ CCCC

Just fired up tonight's results and saw Derby scored 4 away. Wondered if Frank has mirrored Jose in that Jose always went for the League Cup. Trophy on the table etc

Got a link to the Derby forum please?

Mason Mount
by shed69, 29/08, 08:44 @ Walter
Mason Mount
by stanic_worship, 29/08, 10:10 @ shed69

[^] Built especially for those with six fingers. [pcfc]

Mason Mount
by CCCC, 29/08, 09:15 @ Walter


I went through all there Match threads and they also had a topic about him.

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