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by Kingkerry2, 01/09, 15:15

Just got this for £40 for the year. 1400 channels inc 3pm kick offs. Kicking Sky into touch. Can put you in touch with the guy if anyone interested?

by stanic_worship, 02/09, 17:52 @ Kingkerry2

Good isn’t it. [^]

by MartyF @, 02/09, 17:56 @ stanic_worship

I'm tempted. Is the quality good?

by stanic_worship, 02/09, 17:58 @ MartyF

Excellent - you won’t notice a difference.

by MartyF @, 02/09, 18:24 @ stanic_worship

[^] Who do you use?

by Kingkerry2, 03/09, 08:01 @ MartyF

Guy called Mike King off Twitter - have his email if anyone interested

by MartyF @, 03/09, 20:51 @ Kingkerry2

yes mate, I'd be interested. Not sure we can PM here?

by Brown_Celery, 03/09, 10:54 @ Kingkerry2

What is it? Have never heard of it? Still got a Virgin contract, but may change when it ends

by Famous, 03/09, 11:29 @ Brown_Celery

It basically allows you to watch live TV channels from across the world. I first came it across abroad a few years ago where they had it on MAG boxes, but it was quite expensive (albeit cheaper than satellite TV) but you can get it on Firesticks and all sorts nowadays

by upthechels @, 03/09, 14:55 @ Brown_Celery

I have my IPTV on a Amazon Firestick now. All PL games live and plenty of other channels for £30 (6 months). Best IPTV I've ever had and I've had a few :-D Wouldn't bother with it if I went to watch Chelsea every game but seeing as I'm now an armchair fan I pay up. Can't remember the last 90 mins I missed tbh...keeps me bang in touch with our performances even though it's from a distance and limited on what I see player movement wise.

I gave my IPTV guy the code and he just told me to redresh the firestick and I was up and away. I used to use my android box but as K says, that can be a lot of hassle finding a good build and then maintaining it. The Firestick is an absoloute doddle compared to anything else I've had. I can even take it on holiday with me...a recent trip I just plugged it in the tele and linked it to the wi-fi and game on!

by Famous, 03/09, 11:27 @ Kingkerry2

My brother’s got it, it’s pretty good all round; my only criticism would be that you don’t get the same recording or catch-up options as you would with alternatives which don’t require any charges at all, depending on what you’re using it on.

I did try and add it to an Apple TV box myself but it is a bit of a headache, probably are better off just paying someone to sort out all the hard work for you [^]

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