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Marching Mizzou 1975
by gatfb, 06/09, 16:49

Performed at the Bridge in the 70s in a game against Derby. then when we stuck them in the old rickety seated North stand that had been closed due to safety concerns for the second half. They made such a racket that Derby complained to the league.

When they went home to the US they paid homage to us and their trip with a rendition of Blue Is The Colour (if anyone knows what stadium it's at please let me know).


Marching Mizzou 1975
by Brown_Celery, 06/09, 16:55 @ gatfb

Mizzou, play at Faurot Field at Memorial stadium

Marching Mizzou 1975
by gatfb, 06/09, 17:08 @ Brown_Celery


Marching Mizzou 1975
by stanic_worship, 06/09, 18:29 @ gatfb

That is brilliant.

Marching Mizzou 1975
by MHLPisshead, 06/09, 18:31 @ gatfb

That is a brilliant find.[clap]

Marching Mizzou 1975
by Droy263, 07/09, 00:20 @ MHLPisshead

That is amazing, would be far better than the pre match crap we get. Would love to see that at the bridge. Fantastic stuff.

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